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"I'm not sure what I would like in my new garden. Do you help me to make the right choices?"

"Yes, our designers are all trained, professional garden designers and fully qualified to help you make the right choices. Our questionnaire will guide you through a list of options to ensure each design is tailored to meet your individual requirements."

"Why is Garden Designer UK cheaper than some other garden design services?"

"We keep our costs down by keeping things simple. The measurements and photos for the new garden are taken by you which means less cost for expensive visits."

"What type of garden is Garden Designer UK most suited for?"

"Garden Designer UK is really suited for gardens which are predominantly level. Where terraces are required, we may contact you to advise of a different level of service. We do however cater for all shapes of garden, from awkward corners to long, narrow gardens."

"What does the finished plan come with?"

"All our plans come with a fully scaled 2D drawing, FREE plant list and a specifications for the recommended materials that we suggest be used for the new scheme."

"How do I apply for a Welcome Pack?"

"Just phone us on 01322 865566 or email us here. We'll send your Welcome Pack direct to your door."

"What if I need more information than what's on your website?"

"Feel free to phone us or email use. We're here to help."




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